Breaking the cycle

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Breaking the cycle

Oprah once said "we repeat what we don't repair," and that resonates deep within the Wholistic Gangster community.

Meet my daughter Charlee. Last month she came onset with me to our latest Wholistic Gangster branding photoshoot because I wanted to show her what goes into starting a business from the ground up. Whatever passion she wants to pursue, I want her to have the confidence she needs to make it happen. Especially as a young woman in this world, I want her to know that her options are limitless.

At Wholistic Gangster, we pride ourselves on helping younger generations to break the negative cycles that society has thrust upon us. Outdated family values, body image issues and our over all confidence levels as a civilization all stem from what we were taught as children. This is especially true for women.

We want to help teach the younger generation to be fearless, well educated and most importantly confident in their own skin.

So where do we even begin to start that process? First try building that confidence from within!

If this is a new concept to you, I suggest you take it to the basics and start by normalizing the things that are usually "taboo" to talk about with your family. 

There are a lot of things about the human body that even though they are natural, are shamed by others in society. This includes everything from heightened emotions, menstruation and acne right down to your sexual desires. How do we normalize these things? Talk about them with your kids!

Let them know it's okay to be human, keep that open dialogue if they have any questions and then continue to be there for them, without judgement when they need some advice. 

It sounds simple but it can do a world of difference as your child grows, changes, and learns about the world and their place in it.

When you wear our apparel, you're committing to living the Wholistic Gangster lifestyle. Lift up the younger generations, show them it's okay to be their authentic selves, it's okay to be human, and it all starts with a conversation.

Why not try tonight and let us know how it goes!

- Ange Smith


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  • Lori

    You are such and Empowering Woman/person/Friend/Mother…you get the idea about how much I appreciate you amd your teachings.

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