Find your voice - Speak your truth

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Find your voice - Speak your truth

If you're someone who's into self-improvement, learning new skills, and are open to working towards that change then this blog is for you!

Recently, I have realized that my mental + emotional health IS greatly affected by the people that I choose to surround myself with. That's why I make the conscious decision to connect with the go-getters in my life. You know, other like-minded entrepreneurs who are truly trying to build something magical from the ground up. Because when those around you are giving everything they've got, you can't help but want to put that level of effort to craft your own success story as well. It is because of the people in my close circle, that I have decided to take the next step in building my own business. Digital Marketing!
Not gunna' lie the term "Digital Marketing" has been daunting to me for quite some time. I don't have the skills or really even the drive to create digital content on my own, but that doesn't mean that I can't hire someone else to tackle this very important side of my business, am I right?
Every successful business grows in stages, and the biggest lesson I've learned this month is when it's time to take that leap onto the next step. Now IS that time for Wholistic Gangster!
I know now which certain aspects of running a business don't bring me joy, that's why I have officially teamed up with a Digital Content Media company to promote my amazing apparel in a whole new way!
Now, I have a little more time to focus on the areas of entrepreneurship that I DO love, and I also feel more prepared with this team of people by my side!
Recently we did a branding photoshoot and I can't wait to show you the results but for now; here's a little sneak-peak of one of my personal favourite shots of the day.

So keep on speaking your truth, listen to your heart and follow you're dreams.

That's the WG way and honestly the best path to overall success and happiness! 



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