Personal Growth for Maximum Happiness

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Personal Growth for Maximum Happiness

"Change is inevitable, but personal growth is a choice" - Kristen Bell

I'll be honest, the journey to self-improvement is NOT an easy one. Successful personal growth requires motivation, the desire to improve, and the willingness to strive to make changes. You also need to do things that are outside of your comfort zone. Think emotional growing pains that result in a happier, healthier you long-term.

At Wholistic Gangster, we're committed to personal growth. It's an ongoing process of constant learning and self-awareness that requires you to look inward and evaluate things like:

"What is not working in my life?"

"What IS working at the moment?"

Once we identify the answers to these questions - where do we begin?

Like everything else in life, when trying something new it's always a good idea to start with the basics. So if you're just beginning your path to personal growth, first of all CONGRATULATIONS you've already made the most important step toward the best version of you.

Obviously this won't be a change that happens overnight, Rome wasn't built in a day. So I suggest you start by implementing ONE of the following positive habits into your weekly routine to start. Once you feel as though you've successfully tackled that goal, THEN you can begin to work on another. After all this is all about slow growth overtime, because that's the only way to really create a new habit that will last.

With that in mind, let us start real simple by reading over these top 5 self-improvement tips. I suggest giving yourself some time to digest the material, as you work on a game-plan to implement these changes in a way that works for you.

1. Read a book EVERY day: Not only will reading every day improve your vocabulary, reduce your stress and build up the your memory receptors in your brain BUT learning other people's perspectives in life will help you form more educated opinions and decisions in your everyday life. The more you know about the world around you, the more you can improve within yourself, at your own pace.

2. Befriend other thought leaders: Surrounding yourself with other thought-leaders will create an atmosphere that inspires you to approach the day's challenges with a strength, an inspiration to be the best leader you can be too. Having friends who are constantly looking at the world through a different lens will help you to also see life from an entirely different angle, which will only result in positive growth.

3. Exercise Regularly: As hard as it can be to motivate yourself to get physical it's so important to your brain health! Not only is exercise good for your body, but it also allows you to clear your head, boost endorphins, and acts as a therapy of sorts. So get moving you!

4. Identify your "Blind spots"Your blind spots are the inner-space from where you operate. Some call it the “inner bias;” deep inside, you might refuse to acknowledge what you don't like (but know) about yourself. For example, people often think they're talking to each other when they're talking past each other. So identifying WHAT your blind spots are is one of the most important steps to self-improvement. After all, you must know what to work on before you can get to work. 

5. Accept your TRUE self: This can be one of the hardest mental habits to instill in your psyche. It takes a humble, vulnerable person to honestly reflect on what makes you 100% well YOU. Since we're human, not all of our personal attributes are easy pills to swallow. Some are dark, deep-routed issues related to childhood trauma and self persecution. However, it isn't UNTIL you can accept those truths that you can truly begin to work on them. 

Once we can break the stigma around having to be "perfect" all the time, we'll start to see ourselves for who we are, accept that person and then seek to improve and grow as we embark upon this crazy journey we call life. 

That's the true testament of what it means to be a Wholistic Gangster. Knowing thyself thoroughly, not giving two fucks about what other people think, and striving to always grow and improve the parts of you that you wish were more evolved.

In what ways are you hoping to grow as we look toward the New Year? Is there a specific habit you'd like to work on? Or are you hoping for general mental upkeep and improvement?

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