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At Wholistic Gangster, we believe in letting go of the old energies in your life, in order to make room for the new energies headed your way. If this aligns with you and your goals for 2021, we invite you to join us for our FREE Facebook event on Thursday, January 21st: Purge Fest 2021!

Where we will be collectively releasing and clearing out things that are no longer serving us to make room for the new. This will include decluttering areas of our home which will bring calmness and clarity mentally + emotionally. By doing this we will be shifting the energy, not only in our homes but in our desires as well.

Did you know that everything on this planet is always in a constant state of receiving and radiating their energy with other beings around them? And keeping items around the house that hold energies which no longer align with your spirit, only takes up space that could otherwise be filled by a more positive, inspiring energy. 

If you're new to the practice of removing objects in order to release old energies here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Let Go: Okay it sounds cliché, but seriously sometimes you need to just accept the things you can't control and then let them go. Holding onto it will only hold you back.
  • Purge: Most inanimate objects can absorb an energy or a memory and radiate that onto you whenever you're using it. So if there is an item that is no longer bringing you joy, toss it! (or donate)
  • Visualize: Close your eyes and picture the old energy you want to get rid of. Where does it sit in your body? What colour is it? The more details you can characterize it with, the more effective the results will be when you visualize it leaving your body.

Let's make this year the best one yet by participating in our digital Purge Fest 2021!

Sign up HERE

Can't wait to see you there!
~ Ange Smith

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