Set boundaries, be authentic, reclaim your voice!

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Set boundaries, be authentic, reclaim your voice!

Spring has sprung, and just like mother nature, Wholistic Gangsters know it's all about the GROWTH. But true growth is almost impossible without building a proper foundation of good communication skills.

Learning and developing good communication skills can help you succeed in your career, as well as strengthen relationships and future endeavours. .

Notice your body signals: Pain and discomfort are natural repercussions of a life lived in the shadows. Pay attention to the flight or fight responses that may be occurring.

Determine your Role In the Situation: Are you allowing people to take advantage of you? Are you enabling others? Explore your part in the situation knowing that you are not a victim. You are responsible for what is happening by allowing it to happen.

Determine Your Learning: Learning is how we move from our reactive role and victimhood into conscious action, growth and personal responsibility. Perhaps your learning lies in listening to your intuition, creating boundaries around your time, saying, “I can’t do it for you”, valuing your ideas, or asserting yourself. That is where your learning lies, or where you need to grow as a person. It is your edge, and it is where courage is needed.

Notice Your Inner Critic: The closer you get to speaking up, the louder the inner critic gets. It will give you all the “sound” reasons why you should keep your mouth shut and head down. Fear is simply doing its job. It is trying to protect you by keeping you safe in the cave, away from the unknown and further hurt. But you are an adult now, and you no longer need to be afraid of your power and voice. Don’t believe its favorite sayings such as: You’ll disappoint them; You’ll do it wrong; You’ll fail miserably; You’re not capable; They won’t listen... Know that these are voices of the past, not the present. They no longer serve you.

Courageously Speak Your Truth: I have written extensively on different ways to express yourself. I believe that honest communication is the true path to enlightened fulfillment. 

If you want to learn how to be more direct in your life in order to reach your full potential, consider taking my one-on-one-self-guided communication course. Where I'll help you build the skills you need to speak your truth, to become the ultimate communicator. 

Are you up for the challenge? 

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