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"Change is inevitable, but personal growth is a choice" - Kristen Bell I'll be honest, the journey to self-improvement is NOT an easy one. Successful personal growth requires motivation, the desire to improve, and the willingness to strive to make changes. You also need to do things that are outside of your comfort zone. Think emotional growing pains that result in a happier, healthier you long-term. At Wholistic Gangster, we're committed to personal growth. It's an ongoing process of constant learning and self-awareness that requires you to look inward and evaluate things like: "What is not working in my life?" "What IS...

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Are you looking to help break the cycle of shame, and oppression thrust onto us by society? We have the power to do that and it all begins by lifting up the younger generation.

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The Wholistic Gangster movement is about showing up every day for yourself so you can live your best life so you can be your best person. It’s not about judging or comparing yourself to others, it’s not about having to be perfect. It’s literally showing up everyday and doing what’s necessary for you to be confident in who you truly are. 

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