Never let your emotions overpower your intelligence.

I am Ange Smith, a Wholistic Gangster. I show up daily, for the people who need my strength + energy, who haven’t fully stepped into their personal power (yet). I am a living example of how life can change and look different if we are willing to step up, acknowledge and do the work. My driving force is to give the next generation the tools to excel in life with communication skills, healthy personal boundaries and conflict resolution skills so they can show up daily with ease, joy + confidence. 

Here’s where the concept really shines: it starts with the adults of today who influence the next generation…. YOU! 

When we do the work + healing ourselves, we break the cycle. When we have positive self talk, that becomes the self talk of our kids (grandkids, students, neighbour kids). 

Wholistic Gangster is here to show you HOW to wake up everyday being a strong, healthy, confident version of yourself on your own terms. 


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